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Mural Information Sheet

wall stickers borders D.I.Y Steps:
1. Be sure the wall surface is dry, clean and smooth without old wallpaper and without any holes or cracks. Pencil mark wall with vertical and horizontal lines to facilitate lining up the first panel.
2. Apply paste liberally on panel, do not fold the panels and do not soak the paste on the murals more than 1 -2 minutes.
3. Place the first panel in the middle upper/bottom of the wall. Overlap the panels by 1 -2mm as the panels may shrink during the drying.
4. Press out air bubbles with a clean wallpaper brush from the centre outwards until smooth. Small air bubbles should disappear once the mural has dried. Wipe gently any surplus paste from the panel surface with a soft damp sponge before the paste dries. Trimming if required, should be done once the mural has dried to prevent tearing.
Colour: We cannot guarantee the colour of this product matches the colour on your monitor. There are just too many ways that the colour can change between the original product and the image on your monitor, not the least of which that monitors cannot show all possible colours. When decorating we recommend choosing a product first and then after receiving the product select the paint to match.
Returns: Returns for defects only. Exceptions cannot be made. You must inspect for defects BEFORE hanging. After hanging starts, the mural is not returnable. Always follow the manufacturer's direction included with the mural.
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