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Fund Raising - not being offered at the present time. July 2012

Fund Raising - No Fuss, no bother let us do the work!

Tired of the usual lamington, chocolate drives, cake stalls and the effort involved with rosters, collection of money and follow-ups. Let us take the work out of your next fund raising venture and help make it hassle free, easy and fun. Life is busy enough and our goal with offering this concept was to let women do what they do best - network and spread the word, while we do all the work.
As these stickers and borders are re-usable, with no damage to paintwork, they are ideal for rented or leased premises. If you would like to get a fundraising information kit sent out please email your details to service@easydecor.com.au. 
How Easy Decorating can work for you Use either option of capitalise and use both.

PART 1 - Run a campaign  
SIGN UP: Register your group, including the dates that you wish to campaign to run, and the nominated delivery address. We suggest that it run for 2 to 4 weeks and the allow 5 working days for delivery.  
GET A VOUCHER CODE: This will be issued after registering. All sales placed inserting your voucher code on line will have the postage charge negated and the order will be dispatched at the end of your campaign to the nominated delivery point. Your voucher code will only be valid until the end date of your campaign.  
1. No minimum order is required  
2. Members can enjoy the product only cost without postage and still earn your group up to 15%.  
3. Members purchase and pay direct on line.  
4. All orders made using your voucher code will be dispatched at the end of the initial campaign to the nominated delivery point for distribution.  
5. People who wish to receive their purchases before the end of the initial campaign can do so by paying for postage and having the order send direct to them They do not use the voucher code, but nominate your group name in the required area, so the sale will then be linked to your register.    


1. Banner displaying products   brochures and a catalogue for display   
2. Flyers outlining the program for distribution with your voucher code on them  
3. Each sale will be individually packaged and labelled with the purchasers name for your easy distribution.  
4. We email the nominated contact weekly during the campaign with a summary of sales.    

COMMISSION SCALE: over $150 of sales start earning 15%.
Applicable for sales placed using your voucher code. This should be an easily met target as it only accounts for approx. 2-3 items. 
Commission will be paid via direct deposit within 5 workings days from the end of the initial campaign. Alternatively it can be used as in store credit.   

PART 2 - On going commission  
This is a great way to optimise the advertising and sales made from option 1. When people are collecting their purchase explain that by any further sales made using your group name on our web site for the next three months, it will earn your group 10% commission (excluding postage).
Any group can nominate to just do this no fuss option. All that is required is to register your group name via email for approval and then just spread the word. You might like to put an advertisement in your newsletter and we are happy to send you a banner with product samples for display.  Al the end of the three months your commission will be paid via direct deposit. Commission can also be issued in store credit if you choose. 
We will keep you up to date by emailing your sales progress monthly. To maximise those extra dollars, don't just limit this fund raiser to your area. Pass on your group name with our web-site to all your members, family and friends around Australia - watch your dollars add up while we continue to work for you.
Easy Decorating reserves the right to change our commission structure at any time. We will notify you via email to any changes made.  
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