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An interesting look at the role proportion plays in all manner of designs.
Printed on a prepasted paper that is easy to hang and even easier to remove when it's time to redecorate. Just pull it off! Click here to learn just how easy it is!
Samples are available of most wallpapers click here to order.

Click on colour to view a larger image and more details of the wallpaper.
Wallpaper modern trellis black Wallpaper Modern trellis pink Wallpaper Modern trellis yellow Wallpaper Modern trellis mauve Description: Set of a crisp white background sits a modern trellis design.Click on images for further information
Modern Trellis $99.00 per roll
Wallpaper Modern trellis stone grey Wallpaper Modern trellis aqua    
Wallpaper Dena Geometric pink Wallpaper Dena Geometric sea green Wallpaper Dena Geometric mauve Wallpaper Dena Geometric beige Description: A miniature version of the trellis motif a geometric rendition of circles, squares, ellipses, and diagonal lines.
Dena Geometric $110.00 per roll
Wallpaper Dena Geometric green Wallpaper Dena Geometric blue Wallpaper Dena Geometric grey
Wallpaper Jackie Oh black on white Wallpaper Jackie Oh taupe on white Wallpaper Jackie Oh taupe on silver Wallpaper Jackie Oh pink on silver Description: On a crisp white, or metallic silver background sits this bold design.
Jackie-Oh! on white $110 per roll
Jackie-Oh! on silver $150 per roll
Wallpaper Jackie Oh aqua on white Wallpaper Jackie Oh black on silver  
Wallpaper mini trellis pink Wallpaper mini trellis grey     Description:This small scale geometric with a hint at a round centered floral motif, has a distinctly pretty diagonal feel. Click on images for further information.
Mini -Trellis $112.00 per roll
Wallpaper mini trellis lavender      

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